ChatGPT で詩を作ると、脚韻を自動的に踏んでくれるので驚いた。次のような課題を英語で与えた。Create a poem which admires the sky.すると即座に以下のような詩が創られた。

Oh sky, how wondrous and vast

Your endless expanse is unsurpassed

Your shades of blue and hues of gold

Are sights to behold, a treasure to behold


Your clouds dance freely in the breeze

Moving with ease, as if they please

A canvas of art, ever-changing and bold

A masterpiece of nature, never to grow old


Your stars twinkle in the night

Guiding us with their radiant light

A peaceful sight, so calm and still

Reminding us of life’s beauty and thrill


Oh sky, your beauty never fades

A source of wonder that never evades

In your embrace, we feel so small

Yet we stand in awe of you, standing tall


Your beauty inspires, it lifts our soul

Filling our hearts with wonder and goal

Oh sky, we are forever grateful

For your beauty that’s forever faithful.





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